1. Where is Do Wonders located?
We are at 60 West Church Street, Bergenfield, NJ 07621 in Lillian Lee Salon.

2. Who is Do Wonders for?
Do Wonders aims to provide gently used wigs to people with cancer who are losing, or will lose, their hair due to chemotherapy treatments, and cannot otherwise afford a wig.  We help people of all ages, religions, races, and creeds, without limitation.  If you have the means to purchase a wig, or if your insurance will cover the cost of a wig, we are happy to meet with you and help facilitate the purchase of a wig. 

3. How can I make an appointment?
Call us at 201-837-6770 and be sure to tell our receptionist that you want a Do Wonders appointment.  We ask that you fill out our application prior to booking your appointment, so we can be sure that you qualify.  If you don't qualify, we welcome the opportunity for our Wig Specialist to help you find the right wig to purchase. If you do qualify, we recommend booking your appointment for about one week prior to your second chemotherapy treatment.  Please submit your application at least two weeks before you'd like to come in, so we can review your application, and schedule your appointment.

4. Do I need a prescription?
Yes.  As a 501(c)(3) charity, we have to make sure that our charity is going to those truly in need.  We ask that you attach your prescription to your application when you send it in.

5. How long will the appointment take?
We set aside a full hour for your appointment, so that you are sure to get the personalized attention you deserve.  Additionally, should any minor repairs be needed, we can usually take care if it within that time frame.

6. Who will I be meeting with during my appointment?
Lillian Lee herself meets with each client individually. As a master stylist Lillian takes great care in not only finding your dream hairpiece, but cutting and styling it to suit you. 

7. Will I have to be out in the open among the rest of the salon clients?
No.  Here at the salon, we respect your privacy and your comfort.  We have a private room where we can meet with you behind a closed door, if that is your preference.  At times, once we have found you the perfect wig, and repairs have been done, Lillian might cut and style it in the main area of the salon, but at that point, you will be wearing the wig.

8. How much will the wig cost me?
Nothing.  That's the idea behind our charity.  We will give you the wig free of cost.  We don't charge for any repairs, alterations, or upkeep either.

9. Where do you get your wigs from?  What kinds of wigs do you have?
We get our wigs as donations.  They are used wigs, usually donated by the Orthodox Jewish wig-wearing women in our area.  Other donors are women who wear wigs for a variety of reasons.  As such, we have lots of different colors, styles, sizes, and lengths.  We have synthetics, blends (combination of synthetic and human hair), and human hair wigs.  We have full wigs, as well as hat falls and band falls, which can be worn under hats, scarves, etc.

10. What if the exact cut, color, style, etc. I'm looking for isn't something you have in stock? 
We have many wigs in stock.   If we don't have the exact look you're looking for, chances are we can create it for you using one of the wigs we have.  All human hair wigs can be colored.  Any wig - human hair, blend, or synthetic - can be cut, styled, or re-sized (made larger or smaller) to fit your needs.  It's all included in the Do Wonders experience.

11. How soon can I walk out with my wig?
If the color we have in stock is right for you, we will cut, style, and otherwise customize the piece for you on the spot.  If it needs to be colored, you may need to return in a day or two to pick up your wig.

12. How do I care for my wig?
When you come, we will give you a full tutorial on how to care for your wig and give you styling advice. When your wig needs to be refreshed, drop it off and we can have it back to you within a few days.

13. What do I do with my wig when I'm done?
The choice is yours.  You may hold onto it, or you may return it so that someone else can benefit from it.