I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctor’s office gave me brief list of names and phone numbers to get a wig.  Lillian Lee was not on the list and I do not know why! I was given her name by a friend I decided to check out her website (the others didn’t really have websites) after seeing the website about the wigs available and seeing the work Lillian does with “Do Wonders”.  I immediately felt like I had the right place.  I called and made an appointment. I would like to add the receptionist was very helpful and understanding to my needs.  I arrived for my appointment and Lillian came over and introduced herself we talked a little about my situation and then we went to a private room with her wig specialist Aliza.  I brought a friend with me and they gladly made room for her and encouraged me to bring someone with me when I come!  We tried on a few until we found the perfect one.  We tried a couple extra just for fun!  I cannot tell you the relief I felt after leaving there… Lillian and Aliza are amazing.  I have since given their information to the cancer center to be added to the list…people need to know that there are people out there who do care and can help you…. some of them are right here at Lillian Lee… I don’t know what I would have done without them!

D. M.


September 23, 2013

Dear Lillian,

I just wanted to thank you for all your time, compassion, sense of humor, and heart. Being diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing chemotherapy have been quite challenging. Losing my hair presented another set of challenges that were really emotional. You and your staff always made me smile, even during the darkest days.

Also, Arianna...always greeting me with a smile and fitting me in around all my medical appointments.

Alexis...always encouraging me, asking how I feel, telling me I look great.

Nabila...so kind!

Maryann...I'll be back with you someday.

You guys are the best!

Love, JLR


May 25, 2011

Hi Lillian,

No, I have not forgotten you! You have touched my life in such a special and positive way. So, before I send you a thank you card, I wanted to reflect back to the day I met with you and absorb the things you said to me.

For some time my sister has been telling me about Lillian, the owner of Lillian Lee Salon in Teaneck. How caring and giving Lillian is through her "Do Wonders" foundation. How Lillian helps women with cancer by talking to them, providing hope, support, and wigs at no cost so they can emotionally and physically feel better about themselves. Lately, she had mentioned that Lillian had a joint venture with the American Cancer Society. I also shared my sister's feelings in being very proud of Lillian. But never in my wildest dream did I think I was going to meet Lillian for the very same subject that we often spoke about.

When we met I was ready to embark on this long, dark journey that had many questions and fear of the unknown. Your hands on experience reaching out and helping women that have cancer provided you with words of wisdom that enlightened and comforted me at the same time. You shared the knowledge of this cancer process, knowing when and how the hair will fall out, etc. Even as I am writing this letter, I have not heard this information from any of my doctors at either Hackensack Medical nor Sloan Kettering Hospital. You happen to be the only one who shed sine light on this very emotional and important subject.

I very often visit the Hackensack Hospital Cancer Center, where I see so many bald women as a result of the chemo that treats their cancer. They look as if they were stripped of their femininity as they walk around with no hair. I will not know until June 2nd if I will be needing a wig. But I know for sure, if I do, I can count on Lillian Lee "Do Wonders" to help me out with a wig that would make me look as close to normal as possible.

You helped me to be more positive and look at this experience from a different angle. You said to me, "Think of the operation as being re-born removing the cancer, and the body healing. That makes a lot of sense and that is the attitude I had when I had my operation on Friday, March 20th. It really helped, and I truly thank you!!!!

Lillian, not everyone has the gift of giving of themselves to help others!! Your work through "Do Wonders" is truly outstanding and remarkable!!!! You are a very special individual whom, in a short time, I have learned to respect and admire. God Bless You, you are an angel in my eyes, and they eyes of many other woman who you have helped. I am not too good with words, but they are straight and deep from my heart. Thank You!!!



August 30, 2012

Dear Lillian,

Thank you so much for the wig from the Do Wonders program. You found the perfect wig for me, and I have received so many compliments on it. My cousin said it looks very much like my hair. My neighbor has generously helped me with the maintainence so I have been able to keep it looking styled and fresh.

Thankfully, I am feeling well and strong. I finished my chemo treatments in mid-June. Then, in mid-July I started my radiation treatment, until today, which was my last one.

As my hair is slowly starting the re-growth process, I am ready to move ahead.

With Rosh Hashana around the corner, I will start the new year in my beautiful sheitel <wig> with gratitude for all the generosity I have received from friends, neighbors, and people like you while I was going through this process.

Thank you again. Your kindness is greatly appreciated!




Dear Lillian and Team,

You have all shown me how important it is to believe that although life is a difficult journey, sometimes throughout our journey we meet those who bend over backwards to not only lift a load from our backs, but give us a stronger back to carry our load. Before I came to you, I attempted to wear a synthetic wig that was extremely unfitting for me; however, you gave me optionsand truly made me feel as beautiful as I felt inside and out. The thought of going to prom was tarnished with the idea that I would be the only girl at prom with no hair. On February 16, 2012 you all changed that. You gave me something I was missing and that was confidence to move forward with my illness, and rock the dance floor like the beautiful young lady I was before I had cancer. I'm so happy I met you. You truly all do wonders.

Yours truly,

O.J. from the Tomorrow's Children Institute



Your warm, intelligent support will never be far from my hear, You were a big part of my recovery.




Dearest Lillian,

Due to your extravagant generosity, my heart is just bursting with joy over my new wig. I've mentally reviewed all the difficult challenges as I continue to be treated, yet nothing I experienced so far was as emotionally devastating as it was to lose my hair. Because of your selfless benevolence, this is now one less struggle that has left my worries. I feel so much like my old self with a wig that looks exactly like my real hair. I couldn't wait to put it on again today and admire my "old" look. Thank you so very, very much for your "gift of love". You are amazingly appreciated and from the bottom of my heart, I'm beyond thrilled to have been in your company.

All my very best,


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